Sunday, April 12, 2015

Price M83 - MINI TOWER - CORE I5 - 4590 - 3.3 GHZ - RAM: 8 GB - DDR3 SDRAM - 256 GB -

M83 - MINI TOWER - CORE I5 - 4590 - 3.3 GHZ - RAM: 8 GB - DDR3 SDRAM - 256 GB -

Mini Tower

Tower desktops provide the ultimate performance with full-featured scalability.

Platform Stability

The M83 desktop features Intel Stable Image Platform Program (SIPP) and a 27-month life cycle with no planned hardware changes that affect the preloaded software image. Image stability for long-term deployments helps to reduce transition, qualification, and testing costs to ensure savings for your business.

Multiple Monitor Display

Maximize productivity with independent display support for up to three monitors or four via Mosaic Mode. The expanded work area and easier navigation between applications helps reduce errors and improve productivity as you extend your desktop across multiple monitors. (Requires second optional DisplayPort connectors.)

Solid Security and Manageability

M83 desktops include some of the best security tools available in the industry, including USB ports disablement to help prevent data thef



Lenovo System 10AL0010US ThinkCentre M83 Mini Tower Core i5-4590 8GB 256GB SSD Windows 7 Professional 64bit Downgrade